Personalized coaching process for ambitious women leaders who wish to unleash their very best with healthy self-confidence.

Discover how I can help you.

As a female leader, you may often face envy, yet still encounter significant challenges.

Many don't even consider how challenging it is to be a woman in a leadership role.

I completely understand the challenges you're facing.

I have assisted numerous talented women leaders in overcoming challenges that men are either not affected by or are only minimally impacted.


"Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside."

Tom Peters

I firmly believe that the world needs more exemplary women leaders.

That's why I consider it my mission to guide you on your leadership journey.

I assist you in uncovering hidden resources and skills within yourself.

I support you in finding solutions to your current challenges, even those that may seem insurmountable.

I encourage you to have confidence in yourself and trust in your decisions.

Our coaching process is structured in the following way:

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We customize the workflow based on your specific goals.

I believe in a coaching approach that leads to impactful transformations.

Coaching is a journey of self-discovery through which I support you in addressing and solving the challenges you may face now or in the future.

What can change as a result of working together?

My female executive coaching clients typically describe the following:

Currently, you could easily feel that...

  • you are living your daily life under the stress of an overwhelming need to perform
  • you are facing difficulty in acceptance, which can contribute to shaky self-confidence.
  • you don't see how you can overcome the difficulties you face.

As a result of working together…

  • you may find that your self-confidence grows as you discover your own values.
  • you perform better in crucial situations, making it easier for others to support you.
  • you can experience the "flow" of your unleashed, fulfilled leadership self.
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My clients' feedback on our work together

  • Henrik Szabó Coach & Trainer
    Henrik is a skilled business and work-life coach. As his client, I gained a tremendous amount of insight into myself and my choices - and became confident in my decisions and my career journey. Henrik is extremely personable. We had a few good laughs, shared stories of our dogs, and got to know each other because he is so easy to speak with. He has a great personal story about why his coaching niche is women in the workplace. I felt his commitment to my success for sure. When I reflect back on our sessions, I see how much progress I've made towards some very complex topics. Thank you, Henrik!
    Andrea - consultant
  • Henrik Szabó Coach & Trainer
    I’ve really enjoyed having Henrik as my coach. He gives me enough space to work through things. He is a very patient, thoughtful person who always has great questions to help me look at my challenges from a different perspective. He does a great job of creating a safe but challenging space. He is very down-to-earth and a great listener. It is very easy to build a comfortable relationship with him very quickly. I highly recommend his work!
    Greta - project manager
  • Henrik Szabó Coach & Trainer
    I got to know Henrik during my university studies, and even then, his human-centered approach stood out to me, especially the way he demonstrated it towards his clients. I discovered someone with exceptional empathic skills in him as my coach. Additionally, he works with dedication, keeping professional principles in mind and continually expanding his toolkit. From my personal experience as a client, I found myself in an incredibly effective, goal-oriented process. In this, I could work on my challenges with ease because there was someone by my side, keeping me focused and asking the right questions at the right time. For anyone seeking a solution to their challenges or having doubts about coaching, I wholeheartedly recommend turning to Henrik. You won't want to work with anyone else afterward :)
    Anett - researcher
  • Henrik Szabó Coach & Trainer
    During the sessions, I gained a better insight into my own functioning. On several occasions, I understood, particularly through well-posed questions, how my environment sees me. I often forgot that I was in a coaching process; Henrik creates a relaxed and confidential atmosphere. At the end of each session, he always helped with the summary to see how far we had come and where we stood. Henrik is insightful, and with his good questions, he aids the client's development. During the sessions, I received maximum attention from him, and I felt it was important to him that I find my own solutions to the problems that concern me. I recommend him as a coach.
    Mercedes - manager
  • Henrik Szabó Coach & Trainer
    Together with Henrik I explored what I wanted to focus on in my career and what I would be good at and what would bring me energy. He opened me up to a number of possibilities I had not considered and helped me to focus on what I really wanted. The biggest change has been that I feel more focused on what I want in my career now, whereas in the beginning I was considering way too many possibilities (including quitting my current job) and had trouble coming up with a plan or strategy for the future. Henrik is really good at helping you to form conclusions which you may not have thought of before. He is unafraid to question certan assumptions you might have or to push you out of your comfort zone if necessary. Which was useful when trying to break certain patterns.
    Stephanie - campaign manager
  • Henrik Szabó Coach & Trainer
    Henrik has drawn attention to several aspects of my behaviour that were interfering with my performance and satisfaction both in my private and professional life. I was able to reflect on past experiences and coping mechanisms I formed as a result. He shared tips with me that helped me step out of the role I unconsciously took on and try new, more constructive behaviours. I am involved in several self-improvement projects, of which the sessions with Henrik were an important part. Altogether I see the following changes in my life: More frequent moments of self-reflection; Better connection with my values; Improved personal relationships; Clearer idea of my career goals; More ease in stating my boundaries; Being more mindful and relaxed at work. Henrik is a person who is very honest and true to himself and encourages his coachees to be the same. Working with him showed me that really, sky is the limit and I can do anything I want with my career if I set my mind to it.
    Maja - marketing specialist

Why choose me

when it comes to your career, your development, your leadership?

Greetings, I am Henrik Szabó.

Embarking from Szeged, I've encountered the beauty and challenges of leadership all the way to Belgium. With experience in running my own business and working in the banking sector, I've observed exemplary leaders up close.

Through the captivating process of coaching, I discovered the profession that brings me joy. My empathy is profound, my insight is integral, and my passion for supporting others is immense. I relish connecting and guiding my clients with trust along the path to overcoming challenges and beyond.

I firmly believe that our world can be happier if more talented women leaders can fulfill their potential. I am committed to doing my best to contribute to this cause.

I support you in areas where I have intimate knowledge.

My motto: "Change is a door that only opens from the inside.”

Ready for your journey?

PLease contact me or or book your appointment.

Feel free to contact me or book a free introductory appointment.

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