Business Coaching

In a corporate setting, this process focuses on business-related topics, and my clients are mostly employed by legal entities.

Based on my experience, education, and professional background, I specialized in business coaching. I support female entrepreneurs and middle to senior-level executives on their path to success and fulfillment.

In my opinion, female leaders in our economy and government positions are underrepresented thus our world is still testosterone-driven. I believe that this ratio can be changed. I am working towards this change for a more balanced and peaceful world.

A businesswoman is often a wife, mother, sibling, child, or any combination of these roles, all in one person. 

I believe it is worth looking at these "roles" together, as a change in one can have an impact on the whole person.

For example, if you learn to set and consistently maintain your boundaries, it will have an effect on your professional and personal life as well.

Are you preparing for a promotion and wondering if you're truly ready for it?

Do you have all the necessary skills and competencies?

Have you already been promoted and feel like you "have a big shoe to fill"?

Is your business doing well, however, you are dedicating too much time to tasks that shouldn't be your responsibility?

You are not where you wanted to be? (For example, you have always wanted to be an architect but ended up working in advertising.)

I suggest you read about my clients' experience with the process and their results. Of course, the most beneficial thing would be to try it out for yourself.

Others have said about me.

I suggest you read about my clients' experiences with the process and its results. Of course, the most beneficial thing would be to try it out for yourself.
  • Henrik Szabó Coach & Trainer
    Together with Henrik I explored what I wanted to focus on in my career and what I would be good at and what would bring me energy. He opened me up to a number of possibilities I had not considered and helped me to focus on what I really wanted. The biggest change has been that I feel more focused on what I want in my career now, whereas in the beginning I was considering way too many possibilities (including quitting my current job) and had trouble coming up with a plan or strategy for the future. Henrik is really good at helping you to form conclusions which you may not have thought of before. He is unafraid to question certan assumptions you might have or to push you out of your comfort zone if necessary. Which was useful when trying to break certain patterns.
    Stephanie - campaign manager
  • Henrik Szabó Coach & Trainer
    Henrik has drawn attention to several aspects of my behaviour that were interfering with my performance and satisfaction both in my private and professional life. I was able to reflect on past experiences and coping mechanisms I formed as a result. He shared tips with me that helped me step out of the role I unconsciously took on and try new, more constructive behaviours. I am involved in several self-improvement projects, of which the sessions with Henrik were an important part. Altogether I see the following changes in my life: More frequent moments of self-reflection; Better connection with my values; Improved personal relationships; Clearer idea of my career goals; More ease in stating my boundaries; Being more mindful and relaxed at work. Henrik is a person who is very honest and true to himself and encourages his coachees to be the same. Working with him showed me that really, sky is the limit and I can do anything I want with my career if I set my mind to it.
    Maja - marketing specialist

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