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When you get in balance with yourself, everything else falls into place.

Since my childhood I witnessed the beauty and challenges of leadership up close

I grew up in Szeged, later moved abroad, and now reside in Belgium. 

Raised in a family of economists, my parents became entrepreneurs in the 1990s. This provided me with firsthand experience of the demands of leadership, exposing both its beauty and challenges—milestones that couldn't be leaped over with the routine we were accustomed to.

During my university years, I ventured into entrepreneurship and faced my first failure when my business went bust. Despite the setback, it was a valuable learning experience. Before the 2008 crisis, I started working in the banking sector, gaining precious insights into navigating turbulent times from the inside. In the following years, I shifted my focus to family businesses.

Before becoming a full-time coach, I joined an international 3D printing company, marking the end of my traditional 9 to 5 job era. Since then, I've been engaged in supporting professionals in coaching, personal, and organizational development.

„Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside.”

Tom Peters

I have discovered what fills me up, what motivates me, and what I love to do.

When I learned that my alma mater - SZTE-GTK - was launching a Business Coach training, I wasn't exactly sure what it entailed. Intrigued, I enrolled, thinking it might be something akin to business consulting (which, obviously, I was wrong about). I felt I had accumulated enough experience to give back to others.


During the training, I discovered that coaching brought me joy. In self-awareness and self-development sessions, I identified:

  • A high level of empathy as a man;
  • A curious and insightful nature;
  • A passion for supporting people.

    Coaching does not feel like work for me. 

    I chose to become a coach to help others. I find fulfillment in connecting with my clients, guiding them in a safe, accepting environment through their journey to overcome current challenges and more.

    It brings me happiness to inspire people to focus on their inner "profession" and engage in joyful work. I believe that, by doing so, we can contribute to a happier world.

    Through my journey, I've realized that giving back is something I love, and it's essential to empower people to fulfill their potential.

My strong belief is, that the world needs more exemplary women leaders

Favorite topics:

    • leadership competences, 98%
    • career change, 96%
    • difficult decisions.94%
    • crisis or change management, 92%
    • moving to another country, 90%

    I deeply believe in honesty; my core values are openness, humor, and the love of animals.


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