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Why have I written this "little novel", and why is it worth reading at all?

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If we meet for the first time, you are understandably suspicious of me. These few minutes of reading can help you assess whether I might have the kind of experience that can build you as a leader.

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When you get in balance with yourself, everything else falls into place.

Since my childhood I witnessed the beauty and challenges of leadership up close

I grew up in Szeged, later moved abroad, now I live in Belgium. 

I grew up in a family of economists. My parents became entrepreneurs in the 1990s. This gave me first-hand experience of what it takes to be a leader. I saw the beauty and the challenges. The milestones that you can't just leap over with the routine you were used to.

By the time I was in university, I had my own business. It went bust. My first failure, but I learned a lot from the experience. Before the 2008 crisis, I was working in the banking sector, so I experienced it from the inside. Years later, I switched to focus on family businesses. 

After we moved to Belgium, I started working for an international 3D printing company. This was my very last so-called 9 to 5 job. 

Since then, working as a support professional in coaching, personal and organisational development.

„Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside.”

Tom Peters

Discovered what fills me up, what motivates me, what I love to do

When I saw that my alumni - SZTE-GTK - was starting a Business Coach training, I didn't know exactly what it was. But I was curious and enrolled. 

I thought it might be something like business consulting (obviously I was wrong:) I felt I had done enough work to be able to give back to others from my experience. 

During the training I realised that I would love to do coaching because it makes me happy. In the self-awareness and self-development training sessions, I found that

  • I have a high level of empathy as a man;
  • I have a curious and insightful nature;
  • I like to support people.

My strong belief is, that the world needs more exemplary women leaders

I support women entrepreneurs and managers in solving their current bottlenecks.
To unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

Amikor megláttam, hogy az alumim, - a SZTE-GTK - Business Coach képzést indít, nem tudtam pontosan mi is az. Viszont kíváncsi voltam, beiratkoztam.
Azt gondoltam valami gazdasági tanácsadó dolog lehet (nyilván tévedtem:) Úgy éreztem már eleget dolgoztam ahhoz, hogy vissza tudjak adni a tapasztalataimból másoknak.

A képzés alatt ébredtem rá, hogy coachinggal szeretnék foglalkozni, mert boldoggá tesz. Az önismereti és önfejlesztő tréningeken kiderült, hogy

  • férfiként magas empátiával rendelkezem;
  • kíváncsi és lényeglátó természetem van;
  • szeretek embereket támogatni.

This is not work for me. 

I became a coach to be able to help. I enjoy connecting with my clients. To accompany them in a safe, accepting environment on their journey towards solving their current stuckness and more. 

It makes me happy when I inspire people to focus on their inner "profession" and to do joyful work. I believe we can live in a happier world this way.

Throughout my journey, I have realised that giving back is something I love and that it is important to empower people to fulfil their potential..

Favorite topics:

    • career change, 80%
    • moving to another country, 87%
    • crisis or change management, 80%
    • leadership competences, 90%
    • difficult decisions.90%

    I deeply believe in honesty, my core values are openness, humour and the love of animals. 

    (Together with my wife we have two dogs and four horses.) My hobbies are cars, books, music, and chess.

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